6.11.16 – Roughing it in Sequoia


The title is ironic.  There is nothing about this trip that was roughing it.  Between Jenn's gourmet menu, Paul's delicious French Press coffe, Chris and Amy's hammock and overall outdoor experience, and our portable movie setup, there wasn't much left to want for.  It was like moving a living room outdoors! We had a great time with friends camping in Sequoia

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WWTW: Movie Under the Stars


Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the warm nights then movies under the stars!  Our trial run of the portable movie setup went flawlessly.  Thanks to David and Vickie for letting us use their backyard to show our first film.  The food was What's a movie without popcorn? For our first showing, Cat chose The Princess Bride.

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WWDTW: The Top


From the rooftop of a Hollywood building, we enjoyed the classic movie, Top Gun.  The experience to watch a movie wrapped warmly in a blanket, drinking a cold beer, and with the skyline of Los Angeles in the background was amazing!  The best was where the entire audience sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" in unison which can be heard

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WWDTW: Charity Gala


We had a blast getting prepped and primped for the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charity's event where we drank old scotches and listened to a lively jazz band (and of course, celebrate Larry for turning another year older yet maintaining his youthful spirit!).

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WWDTW: Play Ball!


On top of playing softball, we enjoy watching baseball and we can't tell you how happy we were to attend our first game this season!  We are truly waiting for the Chicago Cubs to come to Los Angeles this August but the Dodgers will have to do for now...

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4.26.16 – A Birthday Jump


For my birthday this year Cat, overcoming her own fears, took me skydiving.  This is one of my bucket list things, and it was exactly as amazing as I expected.  The views were fantastic over Camarillo from the windows in the tiny plane.  All around were farmlands with a strip of ocean view to the west.  And once we were

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WWDTW: Wedding Bells

Love is in the air and that means non-stop weddings to attend this year and next.  Up first is my cousin, Tracy, and her now-husband, Duy, who were married at Holy Spirit in Fountain Valley then had a beautiful reception nearby at The Villa. [caption id="attachment_2075" align="aligncenter" width="400"] It's always fun being the "fun table" and seeing my family! Here

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WWDTW: Light Years Away


Los Angeles is filled with culture and conveniently has museums sprinkled through Downtown and Mid-City.  We recently checked out LACMA's new exhibit of the history of menswear but we also returned to The Broad Museum to sit in on my favorite performing arts exhibit called "The Visitors". Mainly, we went back because we did not get a chance to experience

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WWDTW: Fresh Off The Boat


Being the foodie that I am, I'm always seeking new or fresh things to try.  With some friends, I went on a food adventure to Santa Barbara to get my hands on my favorite; sea urchin!  Also known as uni, and usually found in sushi restaurants, it has a delicate sweet flavor that melts in your mouth.  To get it straight

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3.26.16 – Air, Land, & Sea


As an anniversary gift, Rich surprised me with my first ever hot air balloon ride!  We spent the weekend taking in not only beautiful views of La Jolla from thousands of feet above, but also of the beach where we poked around the tide pools.  Rich even got splashed by the waves.  We then met up with some friends to

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