Alaska Trip – Day 9 – Victoria

Last day!  We're finally in a great city, with good food, and awesome bars, and we only get to visit for 4 hours!  Ok...lot's to do and not much time. The beautiful Empress Hotel Cubans are legal in Canada! The best meal of the trip.  10  Acres Farm - Victoria, BC Not just a great meal, but another flat surface

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Alaska Trip – Day 8 – Ketchikan

We are getting near the end, but Alaska has so much wildlife that, up to this point, we haven't seen.  So from one boat to another, we spent our whole day in Ketchikan on a smaller boat checking out the native animals. It's a pretty cool little town.  This is about as close to civilization as we've been since Seattle.

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Alaska Trip – Day 7 – Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay was amazing.  We were on the ship all day, but it's tough to complain about being stuck on a ship when all of the views look like this!  While there are MANY glaciers in glacier bay, the pictures below are made up of the 3 large glaciers; Johns Hopkins, Margerie, and the Grand Pacific.  No commentary necessary -

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Alaska Trip – Day 6 – Skagway


After braving the rain, canoeing across a lake, and hiking on sheer ice, today is a day to relax.  Not much to do, and not too much to see, but Cat and I will make the best of it!  First, a 15 minute walk from the ship into the town. Everyone keeps reminding us that Alaska is a rain forest.

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Alaska Trip – Day 5 – Juneau


We made it to Juneau!  Finally Alaska!  Today is our one big excursion off of the ship.  Cat and I are going canoeing to the Mendenhall Glacier for some exploring in the ice caves.  But that won't be until this afternoon, so we decided to check out some of the town and stop in for a beer at a local

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Alaska Trip – Days 3 & 4 – At Sea


Ok ok.  I know that the titles here say Alaska trip, and here we are 3 posts in and not a single picture of Alaska.  We're getting there...just not yet. This giant thing is going to take us to Alaska!  No, not Cat.  The ship behind her.  All aboard the Crown Princess. Looking back on Seattle from the deck. Now

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Alaska Trip – Day 2 – Seattle


Day 2 is our big day in Seattle.  Time to knock out basically every tourist spot here!  First, let's head out into the rain for a walk to Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market Pike Place is known for their fish market.  When someone buys a fish the fishmongers throw the fish from the ice to the worker behind the

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Alaska Trip – Day 1 – Seattle


Cat & I flew out of LAX to meet my mom and her friends in Seattle to start our Alaska trip with a short stay in Seattle.  Day 1 is pretty calm. Goodbye Los Angeles!  See you in 10 days! Nice color wall in the Seattle airport Coffee with the group before check-in Courtyard of our Air BnB Pizza dinner

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6.11.16 – Roughing it in Sequoia


The title is ironic.  There is nothing about this trip that was roughing it.  Between Jenn's gourmet menu, Paul's delicious French Press coffe, Chris and Amy's hammock and overall outdoor experience, and our portable movie setup, there wasn't much left to want for.  It was like moving a living room outdoors! We had a great time with friends camping in Sequoia

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WWTW: Movie Under the Stars


Summer is here, and what better way to enjoy the warm nights then movies under the stars!  Our trial run of the portable movie setup went flawlessly.  Thanks to David and Vickie for letting us use their backyard to show our first film.  The food was What's a movie without popcorn? For our first showing, Cat chose The Princess Bride.

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